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What records can I access? In Washington County, the document number and name index with corresponding image(s) recorded beginning in January 1945; the computer tract index of legal descriptions from January 1995 to present are available.

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What are the fees to use Occasional LandShark? There is no charge for searching using the indexes. To access an image, the cost is $2.00 for the first page and $1 for each additional page plus a $3.00 convenience fee. 

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Who do I contact for more information about LandShark? Send an Email to the Washington County Register of Deeds.

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Information on taxes and sale prices click : Washington County Ascent Land Records.
Partial Grantor/ee name indexes start 01/01/1945.
Computer legal description start 01/01/1995.
See TRACT to search paper subdivision/condo tract books prior to 1995.

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